Monday, June 13, 2011

Grand Opening Planning

 For a new store a grand opening is a major milestone. It needs to be a smash hit! I'll want to get lots of people there, create a great atmosphere, and give them something to remember the event by.... But what to do?

So far I know I will have lots of Balloons, banners, streamers decorations everywhere. I'll hold a raffle with prizes with for my customers Also a gift ( but what?)  for them to take home to remember the store by. I could have a band and/or local celebrities ( idk who they would be ...gotta research that too lol) Have the local rescue groups with animals available for adoption.

Another idea was to run a creative art or coloring competition for the kids that features Pets some how, have a prize for the winner and hang the winning art work in the store.

And have the local radio station broadcast from the store.

Well that is the start to GRAND OPENING ideas ...Do you have any ideas that I can WOW the new customers with?!

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