Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rules, Licenses and Permits ...Oh My!

Okay another aspect of this is finding out what I can and can't do? If I can, what do I need ?

Obviously I need a Business License that is $50.00  ...Business Entity ...which one?

To open a Pet shop, am I allowed? That gets turned over to zoning, turns out I can have a shop where I want and I just need a "zoning permit" and that is FREE! I like Free lol

I want a sign too ...hold on before you design that lady ...there are RULES, REGULATIONS and oh yeah you need a permit for that too! "but before that you have to bring me a picture of what you want your sign to look like so that I can ok it" ... but the sign permit is FREE! ...

Sign Rules and Regulations: 

1 sign, NO back lighting, ONLY two colors - besides black,grey, or white and the maximum size is 50 square feet.  That is pretty darn big lol and probably very expensive I have a friend that does signs ...but I haven't priced signs YET ...I have to still decide on the name, color scheme, etc 

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