Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update ! *jumping up and down*

I Filed for the LLC today! WooHoo ....So now the business name will be All Pawsible Pets Shop, LLC.  I stopped by to apply for my business license on the way home from mailing the LLC form, but the town's policy on business licenses is July -June (1 yr) So if I had paid for my license today I would have to pay it again July 1st! thanks so I will get that next Friday! Then I will obtain my EIN number then I will be signing the renter's agreement and paying that within the next few days and the utilities will be turned on by the end of next week as well. Then it's off to Whole Sale Hell lol the words of Sponge Bob Square Pants "I'm Ready! I'm Ready!" lol ( You guys with kids will get that one lol)

Strap on your seat belts ...Here we goOoOoO!!!!

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