Saturday, June 4, 2011

Whole Sale Hell

In my Pet Shop, I will sell from food and grooming to toys and everything in between for dogs, cats, small animals, birds and fish. So with that being said ...

I went straight to the internet and began searching "whole sale pet food" or any other term that I thought would bring up what I was looking for.  Hundreds of thousands of links to choose from, after two days I had located pretty much all the wholesalers that I "think" I need for now to cover the food for the animals.

Next was to find other items such as cages, crates, toys, leashes, flea and tick, etc. in a whole sale search.  This search was much more difficult than the food...sheesh. 

Now to search for the "live stock" ...local breeders ...what kind of small animals do I want to sell? what kinds of animals do people want to have? decisions decisions! So far I have decided to have Birds, Fish, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits oh and various water turtles. I do not want to sell puppies and kittens for two reasons 1. the state license is expensive lol 2. I think it would be better to invite animal rescue groups to the store and get some of these orphaned animals a new loving home.  :)  So now that I have decided that now I have to find these local rescue groups add that to the "to do list" too.

Ok after all that researching ....back to the whole sale search for shelving, displays, check out counter and other things I will need to display the inventory and animals for sale. Now the questions start coming again...What colors do I want to use? What will the theme for my store be? I need a Floor Plan? so that the customers flow through the store ...etc. So I can look for basic shelves ...I have yet to come up with a name for the shop, a color scheme, or theme so I can't go forward in to WHOLE SALE HELL any further until I make these decisions ....

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