Saturday, June 4, 2011

Location! Location! Location!

People will often tell you that choosing your location is the most important decision you’ll ever make for your business. Guess what? They’re right.  Location is of utmost importance. Having an appropriate location can even attract pet lovers that only happened to pass by my store. This means I'm going to need visibility to my store – I'll need to attract drive-by customers too. 

I found it! It's puurfect! A shop right on the main interstate and completely visible to passing traffic ... three shops are available ranging in size ...small, medium and large ...which one will I need? I called the number on the window and asked some questions Hmm the cost for Rent was cheaper than I was expecting ...sweet! I wanted to go inside ...So I had made the appointment for this past Thursday. I asked my Dad to come from Virginia to go view them with me, I was inside my potential shop ...THAT was very exciting! I looked around and started to picture in my mind where everything was gonna go. After viewing the three shops, the owner says he has one more property down the street he thinks would work well and it was bigger and cheaper? ...Ok! let's go....It was a Log Cabin! ...yes really ...very cool and big just like he said and it had a fenced in yard which could hold the dogs or any other animals from the Rescue Groups ... but once inside ...I saw right away it was not going to work for a Pet Shop. 

So now to make the decision from the first three shops ...

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